Century 21 Theater

This historic domed theater was built in 1964 near the famed Winchester Mystery House, but was closed in 2014.  The theater is a designated city historic landmark with a dome that is 50 feet high, and 100 feet in diameter, and consists of a timber roof over steel ribs.  Developer Federal Realty would like to renovate and revamp the usage of the building into possible office or retail space by adding two new floors within the domed space.  To bring in daylight to the interior of the building new starburst skylights would be added to the roof of the dome and much of the existing CMU walls at the base would be replaced with storefront. 

RJSD developed a conceptual design and site permit of the proposed renovations that would also retrofit the existing dome structure.  The retrofit included new buckling restrained braced frames at the perimeter of the dome between the two new floors, a new plywood roof on the dome, and new concrete shear walls at the base. 

All renderings by TEF Design

San Jose, CA

TEF Design

12,000 sf existing dome theater
12,000 sf new floors

Existing steel frame dome with new steel framed floors