Muttville Forever Home

Muttville is a non-profit organization that rescues senior dogs that are at risk, and provides them a forever home either at Muttville or through adoption.  Muttville is expanding into a new campus in Potrero Hill, which requires the renovation and seismic retrofit of three existing buildings.  RJSD is working as a subconsultant to Estructure, and is responsible for two of the buildings on site, Centers B and C.

Buildings B and C are both light steel framed structures, and the renovations include adding or expanding mezzanines in both buildings.  This triggers a full seismic upgrade of both buildings, which include new braced frames and diaphragm strengthening to the existing shell, and new sheet steel shear walls below the mezzanines.   

San Francisco, CA

Currently beginning construction

Dome Construction
TannerHecht Architects
Estructure (Building A)

Building B: 3900 sf
Building C: 1750 sf